Field Day 2005 News & Pictures

Field Day 2005 was held Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26, at two sites. VE7NSR operated from our Comms Room* and VE7EMR operated from the NSARC Comms Van, located at Ambleside Park, West Vancouver.

*A classification in the Field Day rules allows the use of a fixed emergency radio facility if it is part of an EOC.

Here is a continuous slide show of the NSARC Field Day operation held at the Ambleside Park site.  Java Runtime required to view. Please wait for slide show to load.

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NSARC Field Day Scores
Year Total QSOs Transmitters
2005 1704 498 3
2004 3136 724 2
2003 3266 813 2
2002 5624 1588 2
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