Past Events


StartDate Speaker Callsign Organization Topic Confirmed Sponsor
2003/10/02 None None None Annual General Meeting Yes None
2003/10/16 Barrie Skeldon VE7HBS None WRC 2003 and BPL Yes VE7EF
2003/11/06 Wayne Galaugher VE7ZNU None Combined Club Night Yes VE7EF
2003/11/20 Nick Wall VE7MQN Icom Canada Icom Ham Radio Line: D-Star Yes VE7EF
2003/12/04 Eric Crossin VE7XIN None “Knots to Know” Yes VE7EF
2003/12/11 Get tkts at meeting None None Annual Christmas Party Yes NSARC
2004/01/08 Dave Smith VE7EC None Digital Camera Techniques Yes VE7EF
2004/01/22 Mel Bishop VE7BMS NSARC Tutorial: The Decibel Yes VE7EF
2004/02/05 Logan Hart VE7TLH NSARC Incident Command System Yes VE7EF
2004/02/19 Mike Andrews VE7MPA NSEMO Emergency Prep for Home & Work Yes VE7EF
2004/03/04 Louis Potvin VE7CHN None History of bush radio Yes VE7EF
2004/03/18 Jody Sydor, Director VE7JYS NSEMO Catastrophes Today Yes VE7EF
2004/04/01 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC Contesting & Logging Programs Yes VE7EF
2004/04/15 New Member Night VA7JW NSARC Awards; Ham Radio Tutorial Yes VE7EF
2004/05/06 Bill Tracey VE7QQ NSARC Transmission Line Theory Yes VE7EF
2004/05/20 Lyall Creighton VE7VLC NSARC Standby Generators & UPS Yes VE7EF
2004/06/03 John White, others VA7JW NSARC Dayton Hamvention 2004 Yes VE7EF
2004/06/17 Marc Archambault VE7MJO FD Chair NSARC FD ’04 Final Planning Yes VE7EF
2004/07/08 George Merchant VE7QH NSARC VHF/UHF User’s Guide Yes VE7EF
2004/07/22 Ed Frazer VE7EF NSARC RAC Radio Amateurs of Canada Yes VE7EF
2004/08/05 Barrie Skeldon VE7HBS NSARC EchoLink Yes VE7EF
2004/09/02 John White VA7JW NSARC Basic/Morse Courses: Planning Yes VE7EF
2004/09/02 Bob Piggott VE7CYU NSARC FRS Radio in NSEMO Yes VE7EF
2004/09/02 Ed Frazer VE7EF RAC Report on RAC Yes VE7EF
2004/09/16 Marc Archambault VE7MJO NSARC FD 2004 Report Yes VE7EF
2004/09/16 Ed Frazer VE7EF RAC RAC and IC Morse Code Yes VE7EF
2004/10/07 Various None NSARC Annual General Meeting Yes NSARC
2004/10/21 Ron Kolody VE7BGK Outside Writing Course Book & Teaching Yes VE7EF
2004/11/04 Jim Hurrell VE7HUR SWARG APRS Update Yes VE7EF
2004/11/18 David Mackenzie VE0DMC NSARC Odyssey Adventure to Hawaii Yes VE7EF
2004/12/02 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Florida Repeater Coordinator Yes VE7EF
2004/12/09 Christmas Dinner None NSARC Canyon House Banquet Rooms Yes VE7AXO
2005/01/06 Ian Simpson VA7IS NSARC Restoring a Wire Recorder Yes VE7EF
2005/01/06 Piggott/Logan VE7CYU NSARC Radio Room IC-706 Tutorial TBA VE7EF
2005/01/20 Meeting cancelled None NSARC Cancelled Yes None
2005/02/03 New Member Night VA7JW NSARC Soderling Award etc. Yes NSARC
2005/02/17 Various Various NSARC Informal program Yes VE7EF
2005/03/10 George Merchant VE7QH NSARC NSARC Repeater System Yes VE7EF
2005/03/24 Laurie Bean VE7LRI NSEMO NSEMO Yes VE7EF
2005/04/07 John White VE7JW NSARC Advanced Course Awards Yes VE7EF
2005/04/07 Ed Frazer, Bill Tracey VE7EF NSARC BCARCC & RAC Updates TBA VE7EF
2005/04/21 Piggott/Scholey VE7CYU NSARC Emergency Message Handling Yes VE7EF
2005/05/05 Tim Jones VE7ALS North Shore Rescue Nat’l Emerg. Preparedness Week Yes VE7EF
200505/19 Markus Hansen VE7CA TBA HBR2000 Homebrew HF Xcvr TBA VE7EF
2005/06/02 Eric Crossin VE7XIN NSARC Knots to Know TBA VE7EF
2005/06/16 FD Chair TBA NSARC Final Planning FD 2005 Yes VE7EF
2005/07/07 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC Travels in England and Israel Yes VE7EF
2005/07/21 Gordon Passmore VA7GAP NSARC Marine Disasters Yes VE7EF
2005/08/04 Barrie Skeldon VE7HBS NSARC 6m Operation Yes VE7EF
2005/08/18 NSARC Summer BBQ None NSARC TBA Yes NSARC
2005/09/01 Ed Frazer VE7EF RAC Lower Mainland FD 2005 Yes VE7EF
2005/09/15 Ed Frazer VE7EF NSARC Broadband over Power Lines Yes VE7EF
2005/10/06 Annual Gen. Meeting None NSARC Committee reports/election Yes None
2005/10/20 Jody Sydor-Jones VE7JYS NSEMO Asia Tsunami Aid Program Yes VE7EF
2005/11/03 Nick Massey VA7NRM NSARC Frequency Hopping at HF Yes VE7EF
2005/11/17 Bill Tracey VE7QQ NSARC Gap HF Vertical Antenna TBA VE7EF
2005/12/01 Leif Erickson VA7CAE NSARC The “Eyes” Have It Yes VE7EF
2005/12/8 Christmas Party None NSARC North Shore Winter Club Yes VE7AXO
2006/01/05 Igor Kusec VE7AXO NSARC Digital Photography Yes VE7AXO
2006/01/19 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC IC-756Pro3/Pro2 Comparison Yes VE7AXO
2006/02/02 Mel Bishop VE7BMS NSARC Hazards in Radio Yes VE7AXO
2006/02/02 Bob Piggott VE7CYU NSARC Emergency Communications Yes VE7AXO
2006/02/16 Igor Kusec VE7AXO NSARC Digital Photography II Yes VE7AXO
2006/02/16 Ian Simpson VA7IS NSARC Grounding Yes VE7AXO
2006/02/16 George Merchant VE7QH NSARC BCARCC Update Yes VE7AXO
2006/03/02 Ian Procyk VE7HHS Coquitlam ARC WinLink; 2.4GHz SFU-Victoria Link Yes VE7AXO
2006/03/16 John White VA7JW NSARC Basic Course Awards Yes VA7JW
2006/04/06 Various Various NSARC & EPCOM Joint Meeting Yes VE7AXO
2006/04/20 Extraord. Gen.Mtg. None NSARC Revised Constitution/By-laws Yes VA7CAE
2006/05/04 Paul Dixon VE7PDD NSEMO APCO & Emergency Comms. Yes NSARC
2006/05/18 Patrick Arnesen VA7PSA VivraTerra Polis – a Virtual Community System Yes VE7EF
2006/06/01 Dale Green VE7SV BCDXClub FP7 DXpedition Yes VA7JW
2006/06/15 John White VA7JW NSARC Field Day Preparations Yes VA7JW
2006/07/06 Steve Wright VE7CT NSARC K7C DXpedition to Kure Atoll Yes VA7JW
2006/07/20 John Schouten VE7TI NSARC VECTOR Yes VA7JW
2006/08/03 Ed Frazer VE7EF NSARC RAC/Nat’l. Ham Radio Affairs Yes VE7AXO
2006/08/17 NSARC Picnic Yes
2006/09/07 Dave Smith VE7EC NSARC Digital Cameras and Photography Yes VE7EF
2006/09/21 David Cameron VE7LTD NSARC Latest IRLP Developments Yes VE7EF
2006/10/05 John White (Chair) VA7JW NSARC AGM and Elections of Directors Yes VA7JW
2006/10/19 Ed Frazer VE7EF RAC RAC night; Travels & Sailing in Croatia Yes VE7EF
2006/11/02 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Q & A Night – bring your questions! Yes VA7OJ
2006/11/16 Tom Dunn VE7TD NSARC SCADA radio systems Yes VE7EF
2006/12/7 Nick Massey VA7NRM NSARC Digital Transmission Techniques Yes VE7EF
2006/12/14 Xmas Party None NSARC North Shore Winter Club Yes VA7ALJ
2007/01/04 Fiona Dercole None NSARC NSEMO Update Yes VA7CAE
2007/01/18 Bill Tracey VE7QQ NSARC E-com Trunking System Yes VA7CAE
2007/02/01 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Ventenna Portable HF Ant. Demo Yes VA7NTZ
2007/02/22 Greg Franklin VA7BC NSARC AC shack safety & emerg response Yes VA7CAE
2007/03/01 Anthony Rodgers VA7IRL NSARC Linux & HAM Applications Yes VA7NTZ
2007/03/15 Mike Sankey VE7CND NSARC TParc packet data network Yes VA7NTZ
2007/03/15 Ed Frazer VE3EF RAC RAC Update Yes VA7NTZ
2007/04/05 Awards Night VA7JW NSARC Basic Class Awards & Graduation Yes VA7NTZ
2007/04/19 Fred Carey VE7EJ NSARC SPARC Museum Yes VA7NTZ
2007/05/03 Elizabeth Baggoo VE7TLK NSARC Women in Amateur Radio Yes VA7NTZ
2007/5/17 Jack Cain VE7DBK NSARC NVIS in Bosnia Yes VA7CAE
2007/6/7 Jan Schneider VE7LET NSARC Field Day Preparation Yes VA7CAE
2007/6/21 Barrie Chapman None Telus Early North Shore BCTel Yes VA7CAE
2007/07/19 Eric Meth VE3EI Icom D-Star System Presentation Yes VA7NTZ
2007/08/02 Various None NSARC Q&A Meeting Yes VA7CAE
2007/08/16 Alan Jones et al. VA7ALJ NSARC Summer Barbecue Yes VA7ALJ
2007/09/06 John White VA7JW NSARC Rig Power Supplies Yes VA7CAE
2007/09/20 Barrie Skeldon VE7HBS NSARC Digital Modes in Ham Radio Yes VA7CAE
2007/10/04 NSARC Board Members Misc NSARC Annual General Meeting Yes None
2007/10/18 Neil King VA7DX BCWARN BCWARN Update Yes VA7CAE
2007/11/01 Greg Franklin VA7BC Worksafe AC/DC & Death in the Shack Yes VA7CAE
2007/11/15 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC Digital Modes for Ham Radio Yes VA7CAE
2007/12/13 Alan Jones et al. VA7ALJ NSARC Christmas Dinner TBA VA7ALJ
2007/12/20 No meeting
2008/01/03 Tom Dunn VE7TD NSARC SCADA Yes VE7TD
2008/01/17 Various Various NSARC Q&A Night Yes VA7CAE
2008/02/07 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC German Radio Technology in WW2 Yes VE7TD
2008/02/21 Ed Frazer VE7EF RAC The Volunteer Process Yes VE7TD
2008/03/06 Kent Webster None NSARC Solar Power, Alternate Energy Yes VE7TD
2008/03/20 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC NSARC HF Station Software Yes VE7TD
2008/04/03 John White VA7JW NSARC Basic Course Graduation Night Yes VA7JW
2008/04/17 Fred Orsetti VE7IO SARC The New QSL Bureau Yes VE7TD
2008/05/01 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC German WW2 Radio Interception/DF Yes VE7TD
2008/05/15 Various Various NSARC Communications Academy 2008 Yes VE7TD
2008/06/05 Barrie Skeldon VE7HBS NSARC IRLP Yes VE7TD
2008/06/19 Jan Schneider VE7LET NSARC FD 2008 Organization & Prep Yes VE7TD
2008/07/03 Neil King VA7DX NSARC Clipperton Island DXpedition Yes VE7TD
2008/07/17 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC Remote Control of HF station Yes VE7TD
2008/08/07 TBA TBA TBA VE7TD
2008/08/21 NSARC Annual NSARC Summer BBQ Members Only – RSVP
2008/09/04 Bob Allison VE7BWC NSARC Vancouver Island Sailing Trip Yes VE7TD
2008/09/18 TBA TBA TBA VE7TD
2008/10/02 NSARC Annual General Meeting & Election of Directors
2008/10/16 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Icom IC-7700 HF/6m Transceiver Yes VE7TD
2008/11/06 John White VA7JW NSARC Antique Night – bring your old radio gear! Yes VE7TD
2008/11/20 Ed Frazer VE7EF NSARC RAC Night /Social Travelog. XYL’s invited. Yes VE7TD
2008/12/04 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC VE7RAC Contest Prep & PC Setups Yes VE7TD
2008/12/11 All NSARC Xmas Party Yes NSARC
2008/12/18 No meeting – Xmas
2009/01/01 No meeting – New Year
2009/01/15 John White VA7JW NSARC EZNEC, HF Group Meeting replacing 01/29 Yes VA7JW
2009//01/22 Q&A Session Various NSARC Open Discussion Yes VA7OJ
2009/02/05 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Boat-Anchors to DSP (IEEE Talk) Yes VE7TD
2009/02/19 Earl Richardet VE7QJ NSARC FLEX Radio (SDR) Yes VE7TD
2009/03/05 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC German WW2 Radar Yes VE7TD
2009/03/19 Steve Wright VE7CT NSARC VU7RG DXpedition Presentation Yes VE7TD
2009/04/02 John White VA7JW NSARC Student Night – Basic & Advanced Yes VE7TD
2009/04/16 Dale Green VE7SV NSARC Superstation – world-class contest station Yes VE7TD
2009/05/07 Dorit Mason VE7SLH NSEMO NSEMO – Meeting the Director Planned VE7TD
2009/05/21 Jason Timmis VE7AG NSARC Expert 6 metre operation Accepted VE7TD
2009/06/04 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Italian Earthquake Disaster Yes VE7TD
2009/06/18 Field Day Manager TBD NSARC Field Day Preparation Yes
2009/07/02 John White VA7JW NSARC HF Power Amplifiers, featuring SB-200 Yes VE7TD
2009/07/16 Dave Johnson VE7VR BCDXA Mini DXpedition to Belize Accepted VE7TD
2009/08/06 Bill Gipps VE7XI RAC Introducing new RAC Regional Director Planned VE7TD
2009/08/20 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC Summer BBQ Members Only: RSVP
2009/09/03 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Moderating Ham Radio Forums: also IC-9100 Yes VE7TD
2009/09/17 Igor Kusec VE7AXO NSARC Yukon/Alaska Trip Yes VE7TD
2009/10/01 NSARC President VA7GAP NSARC NSARC Annual General Meeting Yes NSARC
2009/10/15 Ed Frazer VE7EF NSARC Saanich Tower Case (Ken Jones) Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2009/11/05 Q&A Session Various NSARC Open Discussion Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2009/11/19 Luke Evans VA7LWE NSARC Inside Software Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2009/12/03 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Tour of Jodrell Bank Radio-Telescope Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2009/12/10 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC Xmas Party Yes VA7GAP
2010/01/07 Bas Rijniersce VE7RIJ NSARC Ham and Chips: Computers in the Shack Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/01/21 Steve Wright VE7CT NSARC DXpedition to Desecheo Island Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/02/04 John White VA7JW NSARC HF Propagation between PREOCS Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/02/18 Gar Fisher VA7GRR NSARC Intro. to Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/03/04 Bas Rijniersce VE7RIJ NSARC A Case of HF (HF radio go-kit) Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/03/18 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC HF Transceiver 101 Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/04/01 Various NSARC Q&A Session Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/04/15 Gordon Dick VA7GJ Surrey ARC D-STAR: A modern versatile voice/data radio standard Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/05/06 Bob Chapman VE7BCA NSARC Vancouver (and NSARC) Repeater Systems Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/05/20 Bas Rijniersce VE7RIJ NSARC Winlink and Winmor Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/06/03 Greg Banta VA7GAB NSARC Amateur Radio Ops with ISS Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/06/17 Bas Rijniersce VE7RIJ NSARC Preparation for Field Day Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/07/08 Keith Witney VE7MID NSARC ARDF Fox Hunting: Take your radio for a walk in the park Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/07/22 Various NSARC Q&A Session Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/08/05 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC 2 months in Australia and some Ham Radio Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/08/19 Everyone NSARC Summer BBQ Yes NSARC
2010/09/02 Luke Evans VA7LWE NSARC An Introduction and demonstration of D-Star Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/09/16 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Friedrichshafen Hamfest, 2009 Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/10/07 Dave Cameron VE7LTD NSARC How a Repeater Duplexer works Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/10/21 NSARC Annual General Meeting: Members only. (Please pay your membership fee at the door unless you are already a member for 2011.)
2010/11/04 Q&A Session Various NSARC Open Discussion Yes VA7LWE/VA7AM
2010/11/18 Roger Bassam Microsoft Canada Cloud Computing Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2010/12/02 Scott Tilley VE7TIL NSARC 2200m in Canada, our first year with a new ham band! Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2010/12/16 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC Xmas Party Yes VA7GAP
2011/01/06 Various NSARC Q&A to Start the Year! Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/01/20 Erik Persson VE7ZQ NSARC The Grimeton VLF Transmitter, SAQ Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
Keith Witney VE7MID NSARC Rechargeable Batteries Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/02/03 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Tour of Icom Factory, Wakayama, Japan Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/02/17 Ian Procyk VE7HHS VE7SCC BCWARN Update Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/03/03 Adam Farson & Walter Salden VA7OJ/VE7WRS NSARC Dominion Radio-Astronomical Observatory, Penticton BC Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/03/17 Earl Richardet VE7QJ NSARC QRP in the field with Buddipole & FlexRadio 1500 Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/04/07 Gordon Kirk VE7GRK SARC The 911 Emergency Calling System Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/04/21 Glynden Cross VE7GLY Salvation Army Disaster Response in Texas after Hurricane Ike Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/05/05 John White VA7JW NSARC Student Night Yes VA7JW
2011/05/19 Alex Schwarz VE7DXW MDSR Group MDSR: Modulator/Demodulator Software Radio Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/06/02 David Shipman VA7AM NSARC The DXLab suite – better Dxing through Software Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/06/16 Gar Fisher VA7GRR NSARC How to Get an HPSDR Going Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/07/07 Igor Kusec VE7AXO NSARC TV Today Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
Ed Frazer VE7EF NSARC Dayton Hamvention Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/07/21 Various NSARC Midsummer Q&A Session Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/08/04 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC The new Icom IC-9100 all-band, all-mode transceiver Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/08/18 Everyone NSARC Summer BBQ Yes NSARC
2011/09/01 Alan Ross VE7WJ NTS Amateur Radio Traffic Handling Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/09/16 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Perseus Direct-Sampling HF SDR Receiver Demo Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/10/06 NSARC Annual General Meeting
2011/10/20 David Shipman VA7AM NSARC Movie: “The Radio Ham” with Tony Hancock Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/11/03 Q&A Session Various NSARC Open Discussion Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/11/17 Dave Shipman/Adam Farson VA7AM/VA7OJ NSARC Remote Operation of Icom Radios Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/12/01 Keith Witney VE7MID NSARC Radio Friendship Games 2011, Khabarovsk, Russia Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2011/12/08 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC Xmas Party Yes VA7GAP
2011/12/15 NSARC Board Meeting
2012/01/05 Gurvinder Singh Canadian Red Cross International Red Cross around the World Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2012/01/19 Donald Studney VE7DS NSARC Touring, Hamming and Hams in ZL Yes VA7OJ/VA7AM
2012/02/02 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Brief History of Pye Telecommunications Ltd. Yes VA7OJ/VA7GAP
2012/02/16 Q&A Session Various NSARC Open Discussion Yes VA7OJ/VA7GAP
2012/03/01 Alex Schwarz VE7DXW MDSR Group MDSR Follow-up: Latest Developments Yes VA7OJ/VA7GAP
2012/03/15 George Merchant, Adam Farson VE7QH, VA7OJ NSARC NSARC Repeater Overview; Film, “The Secret Listeners” Yes VA7OJ/VA7GAP
2012/04/05 Keith Witney VE7MID NSARC Quebec DXpedition Yes VA7GAP
2012/04/19 Tom Dunn VE7TD NSARC 2012 Basic Course Student Night Yes VE7TD
2012/05/03 Leif Erickson & Bernie Leaker VA7CAE, VE7BR NSARC NSARC Emergency Communications Team Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2012/05/17 Various NSARC 25 Years of NSARC: Bring your memories! Yes VA7GAP
2012/06/07 Bas Rijniersce VE7RIJ NSARC  Field Day 2012 Preparation Yes VE7RIJ
2012/06/21 Dave Shipman & Adam Farson VA7AM, VA7OJ NSARC Dayton Hamvention 2012 Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2012/07/05 Nick Massey VA7NRM NSARC LTSpice – a free circuit design/emulation program Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2012/07/19 Igor Kusec VE7AXO NSARC Ecuador/Galapagos/Peru – a 7-Week Adventure Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2012/08/02 Graham Whitehead NASPO “Are you talking to whom you think you’re talking to?” Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2012/08/16 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC BBQ Yes VA7GAP
2012/09/06 Keith Witney, Dave Shipman, Barrie Skeldon VE7MID/VA7AM/VA7BS NSARC Operating Seminar: Flex 3000 in Club Station Yes VE7MID
2012/09/22 Igor Kusec VE7AXO NSARC Ecuador/Galapagos/Peru (Part 2) Yes VE7AXO
2012/10/04 NSARC Annual General Meeting
2012/10/18 Barrie Skeldon VE7HBS NSARC FlexRadio, A Personal Experience (Part 2) Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2012/11/01 Alex Schwarz VE7DXW MDSR Group MDSR Follow-up 2: New Developments Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2012/11/15 John White VA7JW NSARC The DRAO Solar Observatory, Penticton, BC Yes VA7OJ/VA7GAP
2012/12/06 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC Christmas Party Yes VA7GAP
2012/12/20 Q&A Session Various NSARC Open Discussion Yes VE7AXO/VA7GAP
2013/01/03 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC A trip to China – 2012 Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/01/17 Mike Zavarukhin RW0CN/VE7ACN NSARC RTØC Super Contest Station, Khabarovsk, Russia Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/02/07 Alex Schwarz VE7DXW MDSR Group DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) & DREAM Software in MDSR Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/02/21 Bill Scholey VE7QC NSARC P49V Contest Station, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/03/07 Bruce Stout VEVA Electric Vehicles Show & Tell; tour of Nissan “Leaf” car Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/03/21 Mike Andrews VE7MPA NSEMO NSEMO developments, new initiatives and role of EMCOMM Group Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/04/04 Keith Witney VE7KW NSARC FreeDV – a new narrowband digital voice transmission method Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/04/18 Tom Dunn VE7TD NSARC 2013 Basic Course Student Night Yes VE7TD
2013/05/02 Ed Frazer,  Bob Piggott, Bill Scholey VE7EF, VE7CYU, VE7QC NSARC Communications Academy 2013 Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/05/16 Lou Beaubien VE7CGE Burnaby ARC New Club/EMCOMM Station Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/06/06 Dave Shipman, Keith Witney, Bill Scholey VA7AM, VE7KW, VE7QC NSARC QSL Card Development and QSL’ing Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/06/20 Jan Schneider VE7LET NSARC  Field Day 2013 Preparation Yes VE7RIJ
2013/07/04 Nick Massey VA7NRM NSARC HPSDR Hermes Single-Board Receiver/Exciter Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/07/18 Heinz Buhrig VA7AQ NSARC Alaska DXpedition Yes VA7OJ/VA7GAP
2013/08/01 Ian Procyk VE7HHS BCWARN BCWARN Wideband Data Transmission & NSARC Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/08/15 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC BBQ Yes VA7GAP
2013/09/05 John Brodie, Bill Gipps VA7XB, VE7XS Surrey ARC “Grab-&-Go” EMCOMM Radio Kits Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/09/19 Brian Summers VE7JKZ Orca DX & Contest Club “Pic-a-Star”, a home-built SDR HF transceiver Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/10/03 NSARC Annual General Meeting
2013/10/17 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC German WW2 Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/11/07 Geoff Bawden & Bill Gipps VE4BAW, VE7XS RAC  Radio Amateurs of Canada Presidential Visit Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/11/21 Mike Andrews VE7MPA NSEMO Hard Lessons Learned in Emergency Management Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2013/12/05 NSARC Board of Directors Meeting Yes
2013/12/12 Social Event (note new date!) NSARC Annual NSARC Christmas Dinner Yes VA7GAP
2013/12/19 Bill Gipps VE7XS RAC Lesotho DXpedition; “A Canuck in Africa” Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/01/02 Adam Farson, Alex Schwarz VA7OJ, VE7DXW NSARC Radio Checkup Clinic – bring your radio! Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/01/16 Rebecca Kimoto VA7BEC Orca DXCC The BC QSO Party Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/02/06 Markus Hansen VE7CA NSARC A 655nm Lightwave QSO over a 55km path Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/02/20 Ed Frazer VE7EF NSARC Installing HF Radio Systems on Sailboats Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/03/06 Gordon Dick, Tom Robson VE7FKY, VE7DID Delta ARS “Freestar” Digital Radio System Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/03/20 John White VA7JW NSARC Ancient Radio Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/04/03 Dave Miller VE7PKE STM32-SDR The STM32 Stand-Alone SDR Transceiver Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/04/17 Randy Strandt RCM-SAR Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/05/01 Vince d’Eon VE6LK FARS Amateur Radio in 2013 High River Floods Yes NSEMO
2014/05/15 Tom Dunn, Les Tocko VE7TD, VA7OM NSARC Student Awards Night; also, 80m Fox/μFox transmitters Yes NSARC
2014/06/05 Ed Frazer,  Bob Piggott, Bill Scholey VE7EF, VE7CYU, VE7QC NSARC Communications Academy 2014 Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/06/19 Jan Schneider VE7LET NSARC Field Day Prep. Field Day is June 28-29. Yes VE7LET
2014/07/03 Ian Procyk VE7HHS Coquitlam ARC K3 Remote HF Operation via K3/0 Head & BCWARN Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/07/17 Ed Frazer VE7EF NSARC BC Amateur Radio Coordination Council 2014 Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/08/07 Alex Schwarz VE7DXW NSARC MDSR Ver. 2.8 (new integrated version) Tentative VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/08/21 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC BBQ Yes VA7SMF
2014/09/04 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Apache Labs ANAN-200D Direct-Sampling SDR Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/09/18 Joe Zaccaria VE7TOL Frazer Vly Rasp. Pi Grp. Introduction to Raspberry Pi Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/10/02 NSARC Annual General Meeting
2014/10/16 Ian Smith VA7IAN NSARC Introduction to 3-D Printing Basics Yes VA7GAP
2014/11/06 Robert Campbell RC FIRE Fire Safety and Fire Extinguishers Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/11/20 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC River Cruise in Russia: St. Petersburg to Moscow Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/12/04 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Hong Kong/Japan Trip and APDXC 2014 Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2014/12/11 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC Christmas Dinner Yes VA7SMF
2015/01/08 John White VA7JW NSARC Space Weather, Part 1 Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/01/22 Dave Miller VE7PKE NSARC New Developments in STM-32 SDR Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/02/05 John White VA7JW NSARC Space Weather, Part 2 Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/02/19 Keith Witney VE7KW NSARC Marquesas DXpedition Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/03/05 Bernie Leaker, Leif Erickson, Gordon Passmore VE7BR, VA7CAE, VA7GAP NSARC NSARC Emergency Comms Team Yes VA7GAP/VE7AXO
2015/03/19 Tom Dunn VE7TD NSARC Student Awards Night Yes NSARC
2015/04/02 Neil King VA7DX VE7SCC VE7SCC Tower & Antenna Project Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/04/16 Adam Farson, Alex Schwarz VA7OJ, VE7DXW NSARC Radio Checkup Clinic – bring your radio! Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/05/07 Ashley Perry HTech Corp. Hydrogen fuel technology: current & future Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/05/21 Adam Kriz, Bas Rijniersce VA7KRZ, VE7RIJ NSARC Introduction to the Internet Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/06/04 Jan Schneider VE7LET NSARC 2015 Field Day Preparation Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/06/18 Dave Shipman VA7AM NSARC Curacao (Play Radio), UK and Western China Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/06/27 NSARC Field Day, June 27-28, 2015, at Cypress Provincial Park. Setup: June 26, 2015. See 2015 Field Day preview!
2015/07/02 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC Voice of America Bethany TX Site Museum Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/07/16 Jan Schneider VE7LET NSARC 2015 Field Day Debriefing Yes VA7OJ/VE7AXO
2015/08/06 Q&A Session Various NSARC Open Discussion Yes VE7AXO/VA7GAP
2015/08/20 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC BBQ Yes VA7SMF
2015/09/03 Keith Witney VE7KW NSARC Malawi DXpedition & Travelogue Yes VE7AXO/VA7OJ
2015/09/17 Adam Farson, Walter Salden VA7OJ, VE7WRS NSARC EMC/EMI Clinic – bring your RF noise-makers!! Yes VE7AXO/VA7OJ
2015/10/01 NSARC Annual General Meeting
2015/10/15 Mike Andrews VE7MPA NSEMO 2015 EOC Exercise Yes VE7AXO/VA7OJ
2015/11/05 Bas Rijniersce VE7RIJ NSARC Windows OS – Lesser Known Functions Yes VE7AXO/VA7OJ
2015/11/19 Alex Schwarz VE7DXW NSARC MDSR Update incl. Spectrum Analyser V1.2 Yes VE7AXO/VA7OJ
2015/12/03 Adam Farson VA7OJ NSARC 2012 Visit to UK: Techie & Tourist Highlights Yes VE7AXO/VA7OJ
2015/12/10 Social Event NSARC Annual NSARC Christmas Dinner Yes VA7SMF