Club Repeaters

Club Repeaters

The North Shore Amateur Radio Club maintains a number of repeaters to cover the North Shore, Greater Vancouver, Bowen Island, Howe Sound and the Sunshine Coast.

VE7RNV on 147.260+ is located on Mount Fromme, North of the Metropolitan area, is the primary Club repeater and supports all regular Club Nets. No access tone is required. It is an open repeater.

VE7RNV on 147.300+ is located on Mount Fromme as well. It requires a 100.0 Hz. Access tone and is used primarily to support the BCDX Club and North Shore Emergency Management. It is an open repeater.

VE7RNV on 444.950+ is also located on Mount Fromme. It requires no access tone. It is linked to IRLP node 1015. It is a stand-alone, open and wide coverage repeater.

VE7NSR on 443.200+ is located in Downtown North Vancouver. It provides local coverage and is linked to VE7RNV and VE7BNV.

VE7BNV on 146.720- is located on Mount Gardener on Bowen Island. This repeater is sponsored by VE7BGA to support the Bowen Emergency Amateur Radio Service (BEARS). This repeater is linked to VE7NSR and VE7RNV.

VE7RNV on 147.260+, VE7BNV on 146.720- and VE7NSR on 443.200+ are permanently linked, providing continuous coverage from Howe Sound and the Sunshine Coast to the central Fraser Valley and the Northwest corner of Washington State.