Club Repeaters

Club Repeaters

The North Shore Amateur Radio Club maintains a number of repeaters to cover the North Shore, Greater Vancouver, Bowen Island, Howe Sound and the Sunshine Coast.

VE7RNV on 147.260+ is located on Mount Fromme, North of the Metropolitan area, is the primary Club repeater and supports all regular Club Nets. It transmits a 156.7 Hz tone, but no access tone is required. It is an open repeater.

VE7RNV on 147.300+ is located on Mount Fromme as well. It requires a 100.0 Hz. Access tone and is used primarily to support the BCDX Club and North Shore Emergency Management. It is an open repeater.

VE7RNV on 444.950+ is also located on Mount Fromme. It requires no access tone. It is linked to IRLP node 1015. It is a stand-alone, open and wide coverage repeater.

VE7NSR on 443.200+ is located in Downtown North Vancouver. It provides local coverage.

VE7BNV on 146.720- is located on Mount Gardener on Bowen Island. This repeater is sponsored by VE7BGA to support the Bowen Emergency Amateur Radio Service (BEARS).

VE7RNV on 147.260+, VE7BNV on 146.720- and VE7NSR on 443.200+ are permanently linked, providing continuous coverage from Howe Sound and the Sunshine Coast to the central Fraser Valley and the Northwest corner of Washington State.