This document specifies the policy and procedure for providing access to the NSARC Communications room after hours, weekends and holidays.


2.1 NSARC and NSEMO take responsibility for after hour’s access. The RCMP desk will not have keys and will not be able to provide access.

2.2 Presence of NSEMO staff after hours does not supersede any of the responsibilities of NSARC members to ensure security and that all doors are locked.

2.3 If NSEMO staff are in the office after hours, they have the authority to question an individual’s authorization to be in the facilities.

2.4 If the NSEMO Office is open after hours for other NSEMO events, NSARC members are not permitted to have facility access unless this has been previously approved.

2.5 Club members wishing to access the club station outside of NSEMO office hours, 09:00 to 16:30 hrs – Monday to Friday, must pre-arrange access prior to the date & time of the intended NSARC activity.

2.6 Access will be in the form of a signed-out access card for the card readers, or personally issued keys, which will open the building outer door, inner door, and the Comms room door.

2.7 Access will be granted for club activities as booked under the Contesting Page and a Sponsor must be designated and accept responsibility for the NSARC activity.

2.8 Non-booked events can be accommodated provided procedures called up in section 3 are followed.

2.9 Situational or spontaneous events may not be accommodated.

2.10 Only Club members who are on the Qualified Operators List will be granted after hours access.

2.11 Access is a privilege, not a right of club membership and access may be withdrawn or modified in the event of station problems related to the member’s use of the facility, disregard of the security requirements and/or any breach of the Radio Rules.

2.12 Visitors may be allowed to visit the station provided that: a) they are invited by a club member in good standing, b) they are always escorted and in the company of the club member. Only licensed visitors may operate a station and the hosting club member MUST be a listed Qualified Operator for that station. Station operation will be restricted to the Industry Canada qualification of the hosting Qualified Operator. The host is especially required to observe all access and security procedures as listed herein.


The access card/key can be secured as follows:

3.1 Thursday Nights – Contact (e-mail preferred) a club Security Officer. The required card/key will be made available at a Thursday evening event (Club meeting, Board meeting or HF operators meeting).

3.2 Other Times – If the member requesting access cannot attend in person at the Thursday meeting, contact a club Security Officer by email requesting access and pick-up during regular office hours, 9 am to 4:30 pm. The club member will bring a copy of their email and present to NSEMO reception staff to verify identity and permission. NSEMO reception staff have a key to the card/key Drop-Off lock box, and will provide you with the card/key from the Drop-Off lock box.

3.3 A sign-out Log book is kept in the Drop-Off lock box. All card/keys are to be signed out.

3.4 The building outside door is self-locking on exit as is the inner door to the elevator. The Comms room door is ELECTRONICALLY locked and access is by either a Card or an appropriate key. The door is self locking when exiting. Persons are never locked inside. All doors open out for exit including the stairwell.

3.5 When ready for the final exit, the card/key is to be dropped in to the Drop-Off lock box.

3.6  The access grant is for one time use. Should a member wish to get a card/key for another activity or weekend, it would require an additional request for access. This is to ensure that card/keys are returned and accounted for after each activity.


4.1 Access may be granted and arranged for activities such as meetings, training, operating, contesting or other Club sanctioned event.

4.2 Refer to the NSARC Station Activities Page for booking of station activities.

4.3 All operators using the Comms Room are required to sign the SIGN IN REGISTER on the reception desk immediately to your right as you enter the Comms room from the hallway.

4.4 The Outside and Inside doors may be unlocked 30 minutes before a scheduled activity.

4.5 The Inside door must be closed 30 minutes after the scheduled commencement of the activity unless there is need to leave open longer. This door automatically locks when closed. Test door to be certain it is latched.

4.6 Late attendees can use the telephone located by the inner door to call the Communications Room to have a member come down and open the inner door. Members can use the NSARC speed-dial button on the telephone outside the inner door, or call 604-969-7009.

4.7 If members leave for outside breaks, ensure that one person remains to secure the area and control re-entry. If all leave, all doors must be locked.

4.8 Last person out of NSEMO premises is to inspect the hallways, photocopy room, open offices, lounge, kitchen and both washrooms to ensure that no unauthorized persons are taking refuge. All NSARC station equipments are to be powered off, including CPU’s, and all lights are to be turned out.

4.9 All doors are to be tested as locked by last person leaving NSEMO.

4.10 All club members are required to abide by these rules to protect the NSEMO facilities and NSARC properties.