NSARC Station Activities


The club stations are meant to be used. It is important to exercise both equipment and operators. Events are scheduled and posted here so that members can plan participation in radio activities.

Activities and events should have objectives, such as:

  • The training and improving of operator skills
  • Gaining familiarity with modern equipment
  • Building teamwork within the club
  • Providing services to the community
  • Participating in radio competitions and / or seeking awards
  • Having fun


  • The club station can be booked for a club activity.
  • Proposed activities may be listed in the booking table.
  • The club will operate under the VE7NSR or VE7EMR callsign.
  • A Sponsor is required to take responsibility for organizing and conducting the activity, including access and security.
  • The Sponsor is required to confirm the booking. If a Sponsor is not secured, the activity will not take place and other bookings may be made for the same date.


  • Any Qualified Operator* can sponsor a club activity up to their level of Industry Canada qualification.

* A Qualified Operator is a club member who has demonstrated basic operating competence and is listed on the Qualified Operators roster .Please also refer to the “Radio Station Rules”.

  • Any club member can sponsor a club activity, provided a Qualified Operator is in attendance at all times.
  • Station operation is always governed and limited by an individuals operating privileges (Basic, Basic+, Advanced, Code) unless there is a more highly qualified Control Operator, as defined by Industry Canada, in attendance.
  • If the Sponsor is not present from time to time during the activity, the Sponsor will designate a qualified operator to act on behalf of the Sponsor in his absence.
  • A club activity takes precedence over an individual’s activity.
  • Club activities are open to all club members.
  • A Sponsor can book the station by e-mailing a request to the webmaster.
  • The Sponsor will advertise the activity in the Newsletter at least a week prior to the event. Members wishing to participate in the activity should e-mail the Sponsor directly.
  • Sponsors wishing to book an activity are requested to e-mail the webmaster (in MS Word format if possible) with the activity information in the same form as posted on the Contesting Page.
  • Sponsors can download a blank operator scheduling form for their own convenience.
  • Members interested in participating should please advise the Sponsor in advance of your intent to attend. If interest is not shown some days ahead of the activity, it may be cancelled by the Sponsor at his discretion.
  • First come, first serve, or as both Sponsors can reconcile in case of conflicts.


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