Qualified operators




To operate a club station, alone or unsupervised, a member must be a Qualified Operator.

To become a QUALIFIED OPERATOR, a club member must have demonstrated they possess operating knowledge of any or all stations.

It is necessary to have a program to qualify operators to ensure that equipment does not sustain damage & that set-ups are not hopelessly altered.

The stations are: GOTA, HF-1, VHF/UHF Multimode, Training TM-701 & TH-28, SGC



Club member must have a Basic licence.

Basic only will allow member to qualify for VHF/UHF operation only.   Basic Plus will allow member to qualify for HF operation.

Advanced will allow member to qualify for High Power operation.

Members will qualify on a per-station basis as there are significant differences between stations.

The QO process is open to all club members upon request.

QO Process

The stations have operational differences such that each station requires a different checkout procedure. The Check List provides the matrix of the requirements.

Qualification is a matter of performing the Qualified Operator Checklist with any (registered) QO to ensure that the member is familiar with the basic operations.

The QO has to be qualified for the station under test.

The QO will use the Check List to ensure that the member has been walked through the required operations and that the member has demonstrated competency to the satisfaction of the QO.

The QO will advise the Technical Director by e-mail that the member is to be added to the QO list

Training materials are available. Manuals are available on the club archive web site. DVD’s will soon be posted so that members can become familiar with each of the stations at home. Until then, please select a QO to run you through the basics.


An Advanced Operator is a QO member who has been checked out for High Power operation by an MO.  An AO  must hold an Advanced licence.


A Master Operator is an AO member who has been checked out on all stations, all powers by the Technical Director. An MO can qualify any member on any station.