Ed Frazer VE7EF has been Appointed to the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

The Board of Trustees of the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame (CARHOF) is pleased to announce that Ed Frazer, VE7EF, of West Vancouver, British Columbia has been named to the Hall of Fame.

Radio Amateurs of Canada recognizes deserving Amateurs by appointments to the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame. The Constitution for the Hall specifies that the appointment as Member of the Hall is made for “outstanding achievement and excellence of the highest degree, for serious and sustained service to Amateur Radio in Canada, or to Amateur Radio at large”.

The Trustees of the Hall have interpreted the Constitution to mean that the person has performed significant service over many years to enhance the well-being of Amateur Radio.

Ed Frazer, VE7EF, has been an Amateur Radio operator since 1953. In his early days, he was President of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Amateur Radio Club while earning his degree as a Professional Engineer. He subsequently earned a

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

In his professional life, Ed enjoyed a successful career with the British Columbia Telephone Company and founded National Electrolab which provided electronic calibration laboratory services as well as electronic design services. More recently, he managed a radio and communications consulting and engineering services business. He also served as Chair of the Vancouver Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and as President of the Simon Fraser University (SFU) MBA Alumni Association.

In addition to his career, Ed also made a significant contribution to Amateur Radio in Canada including serving as the President of the UBC Amateur Radio Club and the North Shore Amateur Radio Club (NSARC). He is also the Co-founder of the British Columbia Amateur Radio Coordination Council (BCARCC) and has held both Director and Officer positions ever since.

Ed also served Amateur Radio on the national level as the RAC Director for the British Columbia and Yukon Region and as the Chair of the RAC Administration and Finance Committee. In addition, he served for eight years as the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.

Radio Amateurs of Canada and the Board of Trustees of CARHOF sincerely congratulate Ed Frazer, VE7EF, on his appointment to the Hall of Fame. He will be formally inducted into the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame at an event in the near future.