Fall awarness presentation

July 21st 2016

Tom Dunn VE7TD discussed the issues surrounding the challenges of defying gravity.

As you may be well aware, NSARC has a backlog HF Antenna repair and installation work to perform and complete on the club’s “Roof” .

Now that procedures and requirements are defined and agreed to by CNV and the RCMP with NSEM, and correspondingly NSARC, we now have a process to be able to access the roof to do maintenance and repairs.

Club members will be able to participate in roof activities but will required to have basic training as to how to conduct themselves while on the roof. The Roof is considered hazardous location and so this FALL AWARENESS training will qualify you to be present on the roof.

Those who attended will be registered with the club as a ROOF QUALIFIED MEMBER

No current information as to next opportunity.

Note. The more Hazardous work such as all manner of climbing will require a higher level of Qualification. Those persons will have taken the FALL PROTECTION and RESCUE course. They will be known as the ANTENNA TEAM. TBD.