Field day 2018

Adam’s (VA7KRZ)Field day 2018 report

Friday; JUNE 22nd, 2018

Everything is setup and ready to go for Saturday morning.

Most things went according to plan. The 16ft trailer that we were supposed to rent did not get returned so we were given a 20ft trailer instead. All the solar panels (2250w) got deployed early enough to capture some rays and top the batteries up.

 We had all worked up quite an appetite so Nick’s arrival at 6pm with the president’s pizza was most welcome. We copied the W1AW message from Connecticut at 6:45pm. Alex (VE7 DXW) came up and installed his “Scanning RF Seismograph” to record band conditions. Heather has setup her tent and will be assisting me with security duties. Just as everyone had left, a momma bear and two cubs came to visit. Thankfully they did not stay long. They darted off into the bushes on the other side of the field. Keith, Mark and Peter installed the antennas, an 80m v-beam, a 40m straight 2 element beam and 20/15/10 Moslie tribander (at 30 ft). Mobile whip with a ground plane

on top of the tribander.

Post Field Day report by Adam Kriz VA7KRZ:

Field day 2018 was a success! Band conditions on Saturday were not very good to start with, but later in the afternoon they started to open up and we had some adrenaline pumping pile-ups.

Initial counts show that we had 53 visitors come up to visit over the 24hour period. The contact logs have not yet been exported. I hope to have some stats later on in the week.

The 2000w of solar panels held out throughout the 24hrs with only 1 outage due to a bad cell balancer on the lithium bank. I had suspected that might be a problem so I had brought a secondary 400ah Agm battery bank outfitted with quick release connectors to reduce any down time.

At around 11:30pm we had a group of the Coquitlam club members come by to take a tour of our field-day site.

I greatly appreciate everyone who pitched in to help setup and take down the field-day site! It was truly a team effort.

Field day antenna report by Keith Witney:VE7KW:

“The antennas were 2 element wire beams from the 2018 June QST articles. The 40m beam used wood spreaders constructed by Peter Norris to establish the element spacing. This antenna was hung from the tree to the tower.

The 80m beam is a reflector with the driven element mounted as a Vee in front of it. This was hung using the tree line to the north, a pole at the feed-point (the apex of the VEE) and some support poles to take care of the sag in the reflector.

These antennas apparently worked well and provided gain to the main population centres in the US. These work well at Cypress due to the steep drop off in the desired direction giving a high effective height.

The tried and true “David slingshot” method using a water bottle was used to get the lines into the trees.”