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1(604) 916-4400WestinghouseSeries 1000Vehicular satellite phone system, complete, with dome antenna & mounting hardware800March 2nd 2015
2(604) 230-0750IcomIC-706/IIGMobile HF/2m/70cm Xcvr, w/AH-4 autotuner, mains PSU, DC power cord850 o.b.o.April 1st 2015
3(604) 921-2461SGCSG-2000Fixed/mobile HF Xcvr,150W, 2-30 MHz, w/control head, mic, manual, exc. cond.250January 12th 2016
4(604) 594-8363SGCSG-2000Fixed/mobile HF Xcvr,150W, 2-30 MHz, non-working, for parts50 o.b.o.Feb 1st 2016
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