Health and Welfare Net Anniversary

Another year has gone by and the NSARC H&W daily net will be celebrating a 2nd Anniversary coming on March 25, 2022 at 10:30 am. This net is running during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our regular operators Janice Mooney VA7JMO, Leif Erickson VE7YX and Bob Paxton VE7RPX have been running this net since March 25, 2020. We also have had some help from a few other operators and a huge thank you to them as well!  Our first anniversary in 2021 we had 27 operators check-in to the net with a lot of celebrating whistles, harmonicas, noisemakers and well wishes from everyone. We did not think it would run that long but now look at us – a normal net that happens every day.

This year 2022, our second Anniversary will come with a certificate for those who have checked into the H&W net at 10:30 am. This certificate recognizes the two-year commitment for the H&W net and all those radio operators who, on the air, we have met and honoured to get to know over the years. Thanks to our regular check-ins:  Frank Kowalishyn VE7KKV for the certificate idea and to Rick Bennett VA7RLB for producing the certificate with help from Igor Kusec VE7AXO and Janice Mooney VA7JMO.

If you check in on the daily H&W Friday March 25, 2022 at 10:30 am – please go to our club website to download a certificate for your records! This net would not have been a success without all the radio operators who check in – a huge thank you!  We love to hear from you. Be safe, stay happy, and put your face in the sun and hugs all around.  VA7JMO

Download hereH&W certificate and add your first name and call sign.
This will be a piece of memorabilia during the pandemic and for NSARC.