Health and Welfare Net Anniversary

Another year has gone by and the NSARC H&W daily net will be celebrating a 3rd Anniversary coming on March 25, 2023 at 10:30 am. This net continues running during the wind-down of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our regular operators, Janice Mooney VA7JMO, Rick Bennett VA7RLB and Bob Paxton VE7RPX have been running this net since March 25, 2020. We also have had some help from a few other operators and a huge thank you to them as well!  Our first anniversary in 2021 we had 27 operators check-in to the net with a lot of celebrating whistles, harmonicas, noisemakers and well wishes from everyone. We did not think it would run that long but now look at us – a normal net that happens every day.

The H&W 2nd Anniversary Oatmeal Cookie Recipe from 2022 – Frank Kowalishyn, ‘The Baker’ VE7KKV

 1 ¼ C   flour
 ¾  tsp  baking Soda
 ¾  tsp  baking Powder
 ¼  tsp  salt
 1  tsp  cinnamon
 1  tsp  nutmeg
 ½ lb     Butter, softened
 1 ½ Cup  Brown sugar
 ¼   Cup  White sugar
 2   Eggs
 2 ½ tsp  Vanilla
 1   tsp  Almond extract
 Mix dry and wet, add 1-cup raisins/currants 3 ½ cup rolled oats.
 Glop/form into 2” balls onto greased sheets, Bake at 350 degrees for 10 min +/-.