NSARC Summer BBQ/Picnic

Thanks to everyone who responded to the Newsletter survey about the Summer BBQ/Picnic. Although the number who said they wouldn’t attend was almost double the number who said they would attend, the Board felt that a sufficient number of members wanted to attend to make it worthwhile holding an outdoor only BBQ/Picnic.

Heather VE7HEA (our Social Events Coordinator) has put together the following briefing:

With Dave’s permission, and welcome, I went out to visit his place and came back ready to unequivocally recommend use of his back yard for our annual picnic/barbecue. I draw your attention to the following points:

a. The back yard is far larger than I (and probably most other members of the club) ever suspected.  If 20 people attend the event there will be  around  600 square feet per person,  way more than enough for social distancing.

b. People would be expected to maintain 2 metre social distancing between family units.

c. A gently curving path takes people past a number of small gathering areas of various sizes and layouts.  People simply moving past do not invade a gathering area.  There is no need for any gathering area to accommodate more than 6 people.

d. Access to the site would be via the path around the north (uphill) side of the house.  We should not be invading the house except in dire physical need.  A sign in/sign out post at one end of the path would look after health department requests for info on attendees.  

e. For this year there should be no sharing of food. 

f. Use of the barbecue could be managed by having the occupants of the most remote location use it first, who would inform the next group of its availability on their return trip.  For myself, I would bring food that did not rely on the use of the barbecue at all.


The NSARC Summer BBQ/Picnic will be held on Thursday 13th August at the usual location (Dave Shipman’s QTH) commencing at 6.00pm.

If you need help in finding Dave’s QTH, please email president@nsarc.ca for more details.

In order that no members feel under any pressure to attend, this will be a social event only with no NSARC Club business conducted during the evening. 

Nick Massey, VA7NRM, President