Meetings “Semi-Operational” – Basic Course Still Uncertain–Field Day 2023 not yet confirmed.

NSEM have notified us that they are now prepared to allow the NSARC Radio Club access to the meeting room. This includes all of our NSARC meetings though, currently, we are holding “in-person” meetings only on the first Thursday each month. The third Thursday is currently being held on-line only. These meetings are being confirmed by email, and in the “Contact!” newsletter. If you have not received email notices of meetings, please contact the Club to confirm your membership status.

The Amateur Radio Basic Course will only run if access to the classroom at NSEM is confirmed and instructor(s) are obtained. 

Field Day 2023 is currently unconfirmed, and will depend on a) site availability and b) support from the membership for setup, operations, and take-down.