Meetings Cancelled – Basic Course Uncertain

NSEM have notified us that in response to Coronavirus COVID-19 they are cancelling all “non-essential” meetings in the EOC until further notice. This includes all of our NSARC meetings. Even if NSEM were allowing meetings, it is of course questionable whether it is sensible to hold meetings at this time.

Based on these factors, the NSARC Board decided on March 12th:
a) To cancel the remaining meetings in March. (March 19th and March 26th.)

b) To investigate the possibility of organising “virtual” meetings before deciding what to do about April meetings. (Aptil 2nd, 16th and 23rd.)

c) Amend the website and notify interested students that the Basic Course will only run if access to the classroom at NSEM is restored. 

d) Proceed with planning for Field Day at Cypress Mountain whilst monitoring public health advisories.